What is life coaching?

Coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps identify what is preventing you from attaining your goals. It is a great way to help you gain clarity about where you are now and your vision for the future. Coaching creates a safe space to establish direction and achievable goals so that you can put your plan into action.


What is the role of my coach?

The role of your coach will be to help you explore where you are now and where you want to go. Your coach will hold you accountable to goals that you set for yourself, and brainstorm with you to identify barriers that may be preventing you from moving forward. Together, you and your coach will find creative ways to address those barriers.


How will coaching take place?

Depending on where the client is based and preference, individual coaching is typically by telephone. Although special arrangements can be made depending on the circumstance. Once we have established the foundation starting point, you as the client, determine the coaching agenda.


Will coaching help me do with business planning, branding, etc?

Yes! As part of our coaching work, we use a variety of resources and tangible tools that will help you solve your business challenges effectively, in the highest quality possible and reasonable prices for entrepreneurs. Please visit www.koncentercmedia.com to learn more about digital media and other services we offer.


What other services does Koncenter offer?

We offer additional services in-house such as branding, graphic design, photography, video, music production for jingles, etc. Visit us at Koncentercmedia.com to learn more about other available services or contact us with your specific needs, and together, we will find solutions to your most pressing business goals.


What can I expect from a coaching partnership?

Clients that have embarked on the coaching journey with us, feel that they can be assertive and remain authentic without compromising their professionalism, values and sense of self. As a result of the work together, clients feel that they can create the change they want in their lives and businesses moving forward and when committed, they are able to see the possibilities. Business owners that have partnered with us report significant increases in sales, revenue and improved communication with their team.


How do I make a payment?

Regardless of your location, you can send your payment instantly via PayPal at: PayPal.Me/Koncenter, or using our email address: coach@koncenterc.com. We also offer alternative forms of payment. For clients located in the US, special arrangements can be made for payments via electronic transfer or checks, please contact us for account details. For clients located in Europe cash payments are also accepted. For clients located in South and Central America, payments can be made via PayPal or electronic transfer.


Have other questions?

Reach out to us and give us 2 -3 business days to respond. Our overall aim is to help you gain traction and reach your goals quickly, efficiently and at the right price point for entrepreneurs.